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Important information

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  • Our normal remanufacturing time for 90% of all products is 24 hours, the other 10% can take 2-3 working days (excluding transport time)
  • The warranty period on overhauled products is 2 years.
  • Shipping costs and handling fees are not included in the product price. We charge £15.00 for transport costs including handling fees to clients in the United Kingdom. We ask you to pay the handling fees yourself for the products you send to us.
  • Before you send us your part, please complete our remanufacture order form, which can be found here. Send it along with the part, to speed up the processing of your order. Once we receive your part, you will be sent confirmation by email.
  • Test fees will be charged if the part only needs to be tested or if the part is beyond remanufacturing. The accuracy of a test is highly dependent on the description of the complaint provided by you. If the complaint description is unclear and a (good) test is therefore not possible a handling fee of ₤25.00 will apply.
  • The prices given are for a product that has failed under normal conditions (this means no accidental damage and no water or fire damage). Broken-off housings are not covered by the remanufactured price. We also assume that neither you nor a third party have first attempted to repair the product, as this often causes us a great deal of additional work or in some cases may even make the remanufacturing impossible.
  • All price quotations are non-binding and exclude VAT. If a price differs from the catalogue price we will notify you of this after making the diagnosis but before performing the remanufacturing work.
  • All prices are net prices for dealers.
  • We can repair (but not remanufacture) many products in addition to those in this catalogue. This means that we just locate the problem and repair it. We have not developed any remanufacturing procedure for this that has been tested with regard to lifetime and in many cases we will only be able to conduct partial tests. The repair will not always be 100% successful and we are unable to guarantee a long lifetime, as a result of which some products may eventually fail again. We still provide a 2 year warranty on these products, but you should be aware that occasionally it will not be possible to repair a product and that it may fail again within the warranty period.
  • Prices apply for garages and dealers. Prices subject to change. We are not liable for any errors.