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The company

ACtronics in the Netherlands is a company of 76 employees, it employs 120 people worldwide. ACtronics has its own R&D team of 10 engineers who are constantly working on new (sub) products and new testing equipment.

All test equipment is developed by ACtronics, both the software and hardware part as well as the mechanical design. New test equipment is not only intended for internal use but also for sale. Per day rebuilds the company in Almelo, the headquarters, more than 200 automotive electrical parts (excluding displays and airflowmeters), which then find their way into 19 different European countries.

ACtronics company

Remanufacturing Bonding
Because of these large numbers we are able to design and produce in-house, products we need for the rebuilding, or purchase large quantity with the original manufacturer. Unlike the competition we do NOT work with used semiconductors. Also, defective parts are preferably not repaired because in the long term it would cost the user more money, due to the shorter lifespan. Furthermore, we do not believe in the bonding of products (think of gears, hand motors, LCD displays and sensors), as this is usually happening elsewhere on a larger scale.
ACtronics is convinced that replacing defective subcomponents for new and preferably improved product versions, is the only correct method for obtaining a longer lifespan. We base this on our extensive knowledge and experience. The fact that our customer base is still growing, reinforces this view and professional approach.

Gladly we give you more insight into our process which we distinguish ourselves in the market.


ACtronics Remanufacturing department