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ECU’s and ABS ECU’s

Most Engine Control Unit’s (ECU) are reconditioned with new original components (semiconductors / chips / sensors). For example; when rebuilding a Mercedes A-Class ECU, original sensors are placed together with professional calibration equipment ensuring the end product is equivalent to a new ECU, at 20% of the cost of a new ECU.

Where the original board of the ECU is damaged so bad that repair is barely possible, we replace the entire board for a complete in-house developed and manufactured board or provide a completely new replacement ECU.

Hybrid ECU

We rebuild the so-called “hybrid ECU” (ECU’s which have a circuit board that consists of a ceramic plate), using the most advanced computerised tooling. We renew all hybrid connections automatically and because we make multiple connections on each contact area, we can guarantee an extended life.

ECU repair kit

Advanced ECU testing

In order to detect the defect in your ECU and be sure that the repair has been successful, ACtronics has designed and developed three in-house ECU testing machines. These machines are capable of communicating with the latest CAN, LIN and J1850 bus networks. In addition, the ECU testing software is so sophisticated that during the final tests the ECU’s anti-theft system unlocks.