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Instrument Cluster

Many instrument panels have several design / manufacturing defects, or weak components. The instrument panels are therefore especially important not only to repair, but also to revise. This means that not only the defective component is replaced, but all components that are known or assumed to fail in the future. It is also important that a weak component is not replaced by another weak component. There are many instrument panels that have a very weak processor. We at ACtronics replace this processor for a better version with a much longer lifespan.


With Instrument panels there are also many other non-electronic product defects, such as gears, pointers, pointer motors and plastic frames. These components are unfortunately not available on the open market. Due to the very large numbers of instrument panel repairs that we do every day, we are able to design and produce an improved version of these components.

Testing and calibration

Of course after rebuilding an instrument panel they’re severly tested and the pointers calibrated. We use our in-house developed Candis which can mimic the entire network (CAN/LIN/J1850) of the concerning car and can communicate with the instrument panel.