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Research & Development (R&D)

As said before we develop and build not only (part) products, sensors and test equipment in-house for own use, but that we also design and produce these products customized for our clients. Here’s what we like to offer in this area.


ACtronics has its own production and assembly line in China, where we produce our sensors. Although we specialize in non-contact rotary sensors and airflowmeters, we can also be commissioned for other cheaper conventional sensors and formats. Our Chinese production is focused on the production of “medium size batches” (starting from 1000 pieces or 5000 pieces).

Candis Test Machine

Our lastest test machine developed for Test equipment for ECU’s, instrumentclusters etc.external use (sales) is Candis.
The Candis is designed to make electronic parts testable in a network environment (such as CAN, LIN, J1850), which the Candis communicates over the network and sends simultaneous analog and digital signals to the test component. Obviously our Candis comes with the necessary network messages for the relevant part. At this time our Candis can be used for testing ECU’s, ABS ECU’s, instrument panels, displays and navigation systems, and are working to get this Candis employable for Electric servo pumps, electric steering boxes, Alternators, Turbo’s, and TCU’s (transmission ECUs).

Testing at our R & D departmentTemperature/aging test machine

To ensure that a newly designed product enjoys a long life, they´re subjected to an intense vibration test. This means that the part spent two weeks continuously exposed to vibrations in our specially designed ‘shock-aging-chambre’, to check our repair procedures.